Cult Worshiped Giant Teapot

Kamariah Ali, a 57-year-old former teacher in Malaysia was arrested under the strict Islamic Sharia law and jailed for joining a "heretical" Sky Kingdom cult.

Two fascinating things about this report at Telegraph:
1) A Muslim born in Malaysia can't switch religion
2) The Sky Kingdom cult worshiped a giant teapot, which had since been demolished.

Link - Thanks Emperor! (More Info:

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Paul, I agree with you but I should add people don't 'believe' in evolution, they either 'accept' it or not. Evolution is a scientific theory just like the Theory of Gravity. It's hardly a belief, and more like a LAW.
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Where is this world going?? They could have worshiped me I would have at least said thing to them. If you believe in evolution then you will know that we are getting smarter as the generations come. And you would think that if in fact we are getting smarter then we stop building things to kill each other and stop worshiping tea pots.
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What barbwire said: the Quran is unusually clear on the subject of apostates and those who change their religion: Big no no, definitely not to be tolerated by the rest of them.
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