Stop Junk Mail? That’ll cost you!

The Consumerist reports that a customer who requested Comcast cable to stop sending direct mailers found a $1.99 “change of service” fee on his bill.
I had in fact called Comcast a few weeks earlier and asked them to stop sending me anything except a monthly bill. They were happy to do so, but had not told me that they would try and stick me for $2.

Fortunately, he was able to get this charge removed via an online chat with customer service. But how many people would never notice the extra fee? Link - via J-Walk Blog

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So its Comcast thats sending me all this effing shite? ASDGG@LAJDSFGLASJDGWLJ@
I wanted to stop the Junk Mail but I could never get around to having to pay the 2.00. Maybe I should call them all irate like that guy and get it free. :D
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I think I know what happened with the photo confusion now (it was copied to Neatorama's image server, with attributions to Tyler in the post by me) - my apologies to Tyler Yip. We always try to do right by the photograph owner.

I think removing the photo and replacing it with the one from Consumerist should resolve the matter.

Incidentally, I find the whole idea of the Consumerist blog brilliant - it certainly gives an outlet to people who got bad service from companies.

@Mike Harris: whatever impact Neatorama has, it pales in comparison to it being on Consumerist and on digg. That's for sure!

And lastly, about comcast itself: actually I used to have comcast for cable internet at home. Believe it or not, they were fine. They show up when the appointment said they would show up and did the job right.

It was when Time Warner Cable bought the operation that the things got bad (at least for me): they didn't show up or call when they said they would.

I actually wasted a week trying to get cable installed in my new office only to be told that they could *technically* do it, but they'd want another two weeks to see if they would but would gladly take my money first. I went with DSL.
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The original photo (mine) was used without the attribution required by its license and the flickr album it was copied to had an improper copyright statement.
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