16 Year Old Girl Want to Leave Home for Lover, What Should Loving Parents Do?

Daughter: I'm sixteen and I can do what I want. I'm leaving home with my 36-year-old lover.

Do the parents:

A) Tell her "no, you're only sixteen" then call the cops on the guy.
B) Kick the ungrateful teenager out and then call the cops on the guy.
C) Invite the boyfriend to live with them so they don't "risk losing [their] precious child."

Guess which answer the parents choose.

Link - via Fark

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well ! hes big enough to know its not a joke ! but if its a joke for hiim then he must be sent to legeal thing cuz he will be sick human ! playing with any kind of heart ! u see love is to love never hate and never leave ! cuz thats wht we learnd wht love is ! by seeing real love in the most troubled situation ! humans just belives in time ! and in words ! sometime only wht u need to do is wait for another day ! give ur self the time of life that u still living without knowing any of ur future by others ! future is alawyes a mystery we descover ! every human is difrent somehow ! leaveing other is not a choice ! lieing at eash other is not life its a dream of a real thing !
life is serois in hapnes and sadnes ! life is knowing u can thing and wait and doing ! but not in meaning u know the end or how its feeel! u just get through it ! life is a wondrful experince for anything is alive! us and around us ! dont run from ur life girl ! but in the same time dont lose a future u can do it in ur hands ! u must study everything around u ! some of the studys cann be with papers to use it for jobs! take the life as a study thing ! and dont think and dont acpet anything could destroy who u r !
but there is a comunity u live in ! and remmber u must run to be the best alwayes think good and be the besst so cuz if one day u was alone inside ur slef ! ull find ur self inside u teling u ur strong enogh to continue life with every resposbilty u may take ! cuz the earth is full of old ppl who learnd from other ppl ! and its geting good and beter more freely more idjucated more reasonbly !
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Grow up!!!!!! saying he is a PED is stupid.

Everyone knows young chicks are hot,

the girls complainig he is a PED are just jealous there not still young and have tight asses for all the guys to stare at.

Culturally youth of women have always been admirded,

I'm 28 and i'd HIT IT (16 and mature looking hot chick) if oppurtunity arose, animal instinct baby.
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Oh I forgot to add,Peter Stringfellow dated a 16 year old when he was 56,but because of he's celebrity status no one cared and other celebrities even older than him have dated 16,17 18 and 19 year olds British and American and who complains,no one,but if an ordinary man does the small minded people in society like some people on here call him a peadophile.
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