Trivia: ZIP Code 12345

The ZIP code 12345 belongs to the world headquarters of General Electric in Schenectady, New York.

Every year, GE gets thousands of mails from children who believed that it's only logical that Santa Claus has the ZIP code 12345.

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Ron Blair, love the 'spaceballs' remark. that was great. I was at work inputting an order, and came across the virginia beach zip code, 23456. So, i figured there might be a 12345; and lo and behold--i was right. go figure
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12345 also "fits" the area - I used to live across the river in nearby Scotia, 12302.

My father worked at the facility when I was a kid. I thought the zip was fantastic. Back then, the campus was pretty huge (especially to a kid) but many buildings have been razed since then.
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This is true, as I work at this facility. The campus is basically a town of it's own, and therefore has it's own zip code. And, yes - it's true. We get thousands of letters to Santa each year - and have volunteers get together on their lunch and respond.
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I live in Ireland, and when I'm ordering something online from the USA, I'll put the ZIP code as ''12345'' because it's usually required to continue, and Ireland doesn't have any ZIP Codes.

Luckily, my orders never go to General Electric!
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