Flu Vaccine Failed: Flu Now Tearing Through 49 Out of 50 States

I've been sick as a dog the past few days, but now I feel a little bit better now that I find out that I'm not alone:

Packed emergency rooms, empty classrooms, and bustling college infirmaries are all signs that the vaccine just isn't working as well as it has in past years.

The Centers For Disease Control says the flu is now tearing through 49 out of 50 states. That's up from 44 states last week.

"We do have a strain that is not covered in this year's flu vaccine," explained E.R. nurse Christina Miller.

Did you get sick? If so, I can commiserate - it's a nasty bug: Link - via AQFL

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Hi l am from kent in uk, and type 2 diabetic, 6 weeks ago l had my flu jab+swine flu vacc, l now find with less than one week till christmas that my 12yr daughter and l are struck down with symptons of swine flu, dry cough, aching joints etc. Is there anyone who can explain why my vacc didnt work. Regards T
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Experts in the CDC and other organizations monitor the influenza strains around the world (particularly in the southern hemisphere) six months before our flu season in order to determine the probable strain. (There are 200)

If you read the article you would discover that although it was viewed as a failure the vaccine does stop 40% of flu cases.

An estimated 36,000 people die each year from the flu or flu complications in the US alone. So for those advising people not to get your shot that is horrible advice. Sure if you are a young, healthy person than your risk level is low for developing serious problems. But for the young, elderly, and sick your advice could be a death sentence!

For me personally I got sick when I was in Ecuador and right as I was getting over it, I get the flu here! It was a miserable few weeks to say the least.

Taking proper care of your body is paramount, but you should always make sure to get vaccinated for viruses that are prevalent in your area.
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i have never had the vaccine nor have i gotten the illness. i have gotten it during the off-season, but tht was due to stress and lack of sleep. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, PEOPLE! preventative measures work better than shots, trust me. eccinachea is your best friend.
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At work, it seems like we are running a special on pneumonia and febrile seizures. Funny to see a bunch of old folks lined up with their IV antibiotics and naked babies wearing only diapers (to help keep fever down).

Thanks influenza!

I work in the ER and I'm ready to jump off a cliff. I just have to keep saying to myself, "Come on June... Come on June!"
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