Stuff Mart and Other Ill-Advised Business Names

A few days ago, our pal mental_floss blog put up this epic Ill-Advised Business Names post, filled with photos of bad business names as taken by the blog's readers.

I quite like this particular one: Stuff Mart. It's kind of humble, don't you think? Their tagline "We got some real good stuff" would even work for Neatorama!

Link | Flickr Photoset - Thanks Jon-Paul!

The "Stupid Prices" one is actually found near here (it's a chain of closeout stores found in California, Oregon and Washington that sell mostly furniture and some home electronics.) For a while they actually had hats with the words "Stupid customer" printed on them available in the store. I suspect those were given away mostly to the people who annoyed the staff...
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Here in L.A. there used to be a chicken restaurant called "Peckers".

In Orange county I saw a furniture store called "Two Stupid Guys Selling Furniture".
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Hey, I've been to Stuff Mart. I liked Stuff Mart. They had some good stuff. The problem with lists like these is it's clear that a lot of these guys just got a sense of humor about themselves. It's like the South Lake Union Trolley here in Seattle. We knew it spelt Slut. We thought it was funny. We sold T-shirts. Then everybody took it seriously and the named got changed. I tell ya, I don't want to meet the man who takes public transportation seriously.

My restaurant doesn't even have a name. There's a picture of a hamburger in the window. That's it. When I answer the telephone I just say "hello."
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