Caption Monkey 21: Kangaroo Knock Out Punch!

Photo found at One Large Prawn

Hooray, it's time for Neatorama and Hobotopia's weekly Caption Monkey game! This week's prize for funniest caption is the Meet the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats by Adam "Ape Lad" Koford. Last week, Neatorama reader theBU3NO won, but today, you could be the lucky winner!

But first, the book: Adam's Meet the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats features the first compendium of the adventures of Kitteh and Pip in over 250 comic panels. There's also comments from Aloysius Koford and never before seen drawings. If you like Adam's old timey cartoon, this is the book for you.

Now, to win the book all you have to do is submit the funniest caption (to be picked by da man Adam himself). Place your caption in the comment section. One caption per comment, but you can submit as many as you'd like.

Good luck (and of course, you can still get Adam's book over at Lulu if you don't win this Caption Monkey game)

Update 2/26/08: Congratulations to Andini #36 who supplied the winning caption:

Leonard the Invisible Giant finally got the action shot he wanted.

Dancing with the stars, kangaroo edition.


You know god has it in for you when you manage to film your own beat down with a crazy kangaroo.
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Jake was having a wonderful time during his customary morning punching jog, when all of a sudden from out of the heavens, god threw a camera and smited hee. poor jake.
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i'm going to punch myself after i say it, but i can't believe no one else has... all right... ready people?


okay. now let's let the meme gracefully die.
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Prince Harry had been biding his time, waiting for the perfect time to dish out the vengeance that would quell the rage in his heart.

"Never again, Papoes!" he snarled and he lunged. Standing over his fallen prey, breathing heavy, the blood on his face only muted by the red in his angry eyes. He stared for what seemed like an eternity but was merely seconds, then turned and walked away.
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Rent-A-Roo: For all you pesky paparatzzi needs.
(Rent-A-Roo not reasponsable for, injury recived while photographing birthdays, family reunions, new babies,and grandma june's 80th birthday)
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Having set up his kangaroo cam to photograph the climatic battle, Mike Marsupial, a.k.a. The Amazing Kanga-man, leapt into battle with the diabolical Nature Boy. "I see right through your monochromatic sweater, pants, and shoe disguise Nature Boy", shouted Kanga-man as he used his super bouncey-punchy powers. "Assa manga bannga boing!!!!", replied the bohemian anarchist. But before he pulled out his Bada-Bing Boomarang, Nature Boy was jacked up by a lightening double tap to the chin.

Later, dressed as freelance photographer Mike Marsupial, Kanga-man sold the photographs ...
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"No no no Johnson, you're thinking of the West Australian Kangaroos, the East Australian Kangaroo are completely docile, watch, I'll just give it a wee hug to prove it..."
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