The Simpsons Intro Made Into a Panorama

Biggify here: kidicarus222 [Flickr]

Drew Mackie of Back of the Cereal Box blog did something so amazingly genius that I was surprised that it was never done before. He took the intro of The Simpsons and stitched the scenes into one continuous panorama:

Technically, in every episode of The Simpsons that begins with the un-abbreviated intro, Milhouse appears. So too does Nelson, Dr. Hibbert, and even Maude Flanders, who overcomes the considerable handicap of being dead.

I speak of a brief section of the intro that occurs directly between Marge and Maggie’s simultaneous horn-honking and the arrival at Casa de Simpson that segues into the weekly couch gag. The camera pans away from Marge’s car and, if only for a few seconds, over a Springfield panorama, featuring various characters. It’s pretty hard to see the whole of it with the naked eye, and it wasn’t until the arrival of the Simpsons DVDs a few years back that I could actually see who was there by scanning frame-by-frame. For whatever reason, I was suddenly motivated last week by the urge to reproduce this scene in full in a way other people could see by Photoshopping the frames together.

Link - Thanks Drew (great job!)

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hmmm, i thought this seemed familiar, i used to have this on my wall of bedroom growing up... in the mid nineties (in new zealand) i got an issue if 'the simpsons' magazine that had posters that came with (a bit like a centrefold :-)) the magazine i got had a poster of this entire opening scene very similar to what you have here, but tidier.
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