Our Unique Moon

As Earth is unique in our solar system, so is our moon. Luna is the only planetary satellite formed by the impact of two protoplanets. What would be different if there was no moon? It acts as a gyroscope to keep Earth from wobbling too much as it spins. It washes the shore with tides. It also slows the planet’s rotation. Damn Interesting takes a look at Life Without the Moon. Link

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Jerse-- that too big/too small thing has to do with its distance. Once upon a time it would've been too big to be completed blocked, and eventually it'll be small enough to be completely covered, no problem.
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OOO: We certainly don't know that life wouldn't exist without the moon. we just suspect that it would be different. so in other words, "If things were different, things would be different".... who cares?
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Isn't it strange how the moon is the perfect shape for a total eclipse. It's not too big nor is it too small - it's just perfect.

Remember tonight is the big night - keep an eye out!
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"Our Unique Moon"

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