Happy Anniversary to the Neighborhood!

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is 40 years old today, and still airs on PBS, although beloved host Fred Rogers died in 2003.

From Wikipedia:
The first broadcast of Misterogers' Neighborhood was on the National Educational Television network on February 19, 1968. When NET ceased broadcasting in 1970, the series moved to PBS. The show would be renamed to its more-familiar three word title, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, in 1971.

Here are some other links in honor of the occasion:

15 Reasons Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever.

Mister Rogers addresses the US Senate in 1969.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood official site at PBS.

An anniversary broadcast from NPR today.

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Mr. Rogers was truly a great man. He validated that it was okay to be a child.

In our culture it is true that the only thing the masses love better than an icon is a fallen icon. The fact that Fred Rogers was never torn down is a testament to his true goodness. I have never heard of any scandalous thing associated with this man that has been shown to be true. The suspicion people have about him, to me, would seem to stem from the axiom that "if it looks to good to be true, it isn't". Fred Rogers stands as the example true goodness.
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Not having grown up in the States, I didn't get a chance to watch Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. The two things I heard about him were 1) he was an ex-Seal sniper and 2) he had tattoos on his arms (that's why he always wore the cardigan sweater). I was quite miffed to find out that the two were just urban legends.
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Tim, you could be right. I've never heard of Soupy Sales up until today, but it looks like an interesting show.

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood was a great show and I miss his voice and cadence. After checking out his Senate speech, I have to admit as an adult watching him, he does sound and look like a pedophile, but I know he probably wasn't one. I guess if a guy says he loves children and likes to express his feelings, he's crossing over to more traditionally female roles, or by some small chance he could be a pedophile in sheep's clothing.
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