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Since Carl Zimmer of The Loom began collecting science tattoos, we’ve featured several on Neatorama (here, here, and here). He’s collected so many that he moved them out of Flickr and launched a new site called Carl Zimmer's Science Tattoo Emporium. If you have a science tat, you’re invited to submit a picture and the story behind it. Link -Thanks, Carl!

Update 7/31/08 - New link for Carl's science tattoos collection: Link - Thanks Andrew!

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The snake takes a preeminent place in the world of symbolism and is especially popular in tattoo art. It holds fundamental associations with life and rejuvenation from the shedding of its skin, as well as death, since it is sometimes able to kill with a venomous bite. Dwelling underground, the snake symbolized the Underworld for many cultures, such as those in Egypt, Central America, and North America. In Norse mythology, a giant snake is wrapped around the EARTH, symbolizing the sea. In the CHINESE ZODIAC, people born in the Year of the Snake are considered quiet and wise, if vain. The biblical serpent of Genesis was the embodiment of Satan but was later put upon a pole by Moses to save his people, and finally interpreted as Christ himself, lifted upon a different kind of pole to save the world.
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