An Eggnigma: An Egg Within an Egg

Fran Vincent, a 54 year old woman from Devon, England, cracked open an egg to make a cake and found .... another egg inside of it!

Fran, a factory worker from Seaton, Devon, said: "I thought it looked a bit big - I thought it might have been a duck egg at first.

"I cracked it open and out came the white and yolk but inside was another egg in its shell. I have never seen anything like it before - they're almost like twins."

David Lanning from a poultry farm explained how it could happen:

"As it was being formed it passed down through the hen's oviduct - the passage from the ovaries to the outside of the body - where the shell is made.

"In young hens, ovulating can be quite irregular. The hen has obviously ovulated quickly twice. The second egg has caught up with the first and the shell has formed around the two of them.

"It's more common with young hens. It's unusual and doesn't happen that often. But it is extremely rare for it to reach the shop shelf."


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SB: I actually wondered if the inner egg was as developed as the outer one - perhaps its shell was not as hard and more resilient.

If enough of you say it's real, I'll believe you.
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My dad's aunt worked at a poultry farm and got to take home irregular eggs if she wanted to. So she would come home with long eggs, mini eggs, bumpy eggs, and really big eggs with two or three little yolks in them. If you own chickens you tend to see some funny eggs too, but that's a really weird one.

Re: ted, it makes sense that you might think it was fake because it wasn't cracked, but usually people crack eggs rather gently along the size to avoid loose shells that you have to pick out of the mixing bowl. Plus, the fluid that was already in there probably cushioned the smaller egg from damage.
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