Best Valentine's Day gifts ever

I don't really buy into Valentine's Day. I mean, I want a card (even a homemade card), but I don't need flowers at work and a huge box of chocolates or anything like that. I'm not a very sappy, romantic person.

However, I do like strange, quirky and macabre things, so I've assembled a list of heart-shaped Valentines that I wouldn't mind receiving. It's probably a little too late to do anything about it now, but keep these in mind for 2009 if your significant other seems less than thrilled with that stuffed animal you bought this year.

I love this medical illustration bracelet by dirtybirdd on etsy. I have a feeling it might creep my co-workers out (I work in a very conservative environment), but who says that's a bad thing?

This is some serious talent right here. Obviously Craftster's BeatnikChick knows what she's doing. It's so detailed and gorgeous there's no way I could use it as an actual handkerchief.

This necklace from is a really sophisticated take on the anatomical heart, I think. It doesn't scream "I reject this Hallmark Holiday created to force couples to spend money to show their love for one another!"... it whispers it.

Once again, the good people on Craftster have just blown my mind. Bravo, KittyKill, bravo!!

I'd like to see the room that this fits seamlessly in. I'm imagining it on the side table in a cardiologist's waiting room. If you're a cardiologist who has been searching for that perfect anatomically-correct heart to spark up your waiting room, might just have the thing for you. Even if you're not a cardiologist, you could check CoolHunting out, cause they have some neat stuff.

Wear your heart on your sleeve... er... chest... with this lovely screenprinted shirt from Hopedespair on etsy.

A heart stuffie!! And if you really hate Valentine's day, you could give it to your dog to play with and watch him tear the stuffing out of it. But it would be a shame to do that to such a detailed craft. My knitting projects never turn out this cool (or this professional). PrettyCranium, you rock.

You can rarely go wrong with food, but skip the heart-shaped box of caramel creams and try out these gems instead:


Dare I say that this is even tastier than conversation hearts?? I'd wager that it is. I guess it's sort of like getting a chocolate bunny for Easter, although if hearts aren't your thing, you could impress your sweetie with ears, brains or teeth also from

OK, I actually really hate Jell-O. The texture and consistency of it really grosses me out for some reason. But this mold from would be a great addition to my skull and brain molds. Maybe this is a gift more appropriate for Halloween than Valentine's Day. Oh well, to each his (or her) own.

I wish I could lay claim to these amazing cupcakes from Claire Crespo's Hey There, Cupcake!
Link via popsugar

I love gummy stuff, but I'm not sure I could sink my teeth into a squishy heart from I'd like to find out though.

Any of these appeal to you guys?  What did you get your sweetheart for Valentine's Day?  Did it go over well?

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I made this a few years ago.

Wife's busy today. Valentines is on Saturday.
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