Aqua Forest Aquariums are Gorgeous!

Yup, they're real aquariums!

George and Steven Lo of Aqua Forest Aquarium in San Francisco make aquariums - but not just any ol' fish tank. Their creations of "Nature Aquariums" are simply stunning: real plants are used to create a natural (albeit underwater) diorama.

Link [website has self-starting background music] | Portfolio - via Apartment Therapy San Francisco

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I agree with Lea on snails: pretty much all aquatic plants bought from stores will have snails. I used to treat the plants with potassium permanganate before putting it into my tank.

If you have a snail infestation, it's quite difficult to get rid of. For mild infestation you can float a piece of lettuce - snails will flock to the lettuce. Simply float new lettuce leaf every few hours or every day until you don't have snail anymore.
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I've seen something like this before. They're beautiful. Be careful with snails though. They breed like...well...certainly more fruitfully than rabbits. I bought two for my mom's aquarium and had a couple hundred in a week...
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I have slowly lost several aquariums to algae and disrepair over the years- as amazing and beautiful as these are, I don't think I could ever trust myself to keep them looking like this! Very cool find, guys.
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