Cat vs. Raccoon

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It’s interesting to see the strategies different species use to operate.
Cat: Back off or I’ll fight! I’m warning you!
Raccoon: I don’t know anything about fighting. I’ll just take the food.

-via Cynical-C

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Having dealt with cats & coons for years, I have found that one backs down in a confrontation. There may be posturing & bravado, but I have never seen a cat and coon actually fight. The coon would win, and a cat probably knows this. Coons are nocturnal, but seen in birthing season in daylight hours. Only enemies a coon has are man and canine, and canines are only a real problem in a pack. Coons are fastidious not filthy, but carry a roundworm that can be transmitted to humans & some other animals by their feces. This coon is typical--not intimidated by cat whacks. I've seen them be stung by wasps, but still eat them.
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Clearly a very domesticated 'coon. The cat wasn't really being very aggressive; its clear this is a common event. He's pissed, but not willing to make a big fuss over it. Tuxedos are deceptively strong, and often mild-mannered. Raccoons are very adaptable, and this one is clearly acclimatised to humans (the videographer) and cats.
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Great video... I love the way at one point where the cat looks at whoever is shooting the video, as if saying "Hey, are you going to do something about this? Seriously, I'm trying to eat here..."
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LOL @ 15. Yeah I thought that that cat didn't look very happily at its owner.

So raccoons can eat/beat a cat. How is the feral cat population in the area where raccoons live? Feral cats can get very big in Oz, big enough to take down a small kangaroo (wallaby) see

I'd a thought a cat that size would eat a raccoon for entrée.

ps: When I was in Florida we left our car for 30 seconds (all doors open) in a state park, enough time for a smash and grab of our pack of 5minute noodles by one of these things. It was so cute, didn't realise they were so dirty.
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