When Mr. Yahoo Serious Sued Yahoo! (And Other Great but Odd Personal Names)

Oddee has a neat post about the 15 Craziest Personal Names. This one's my favorite:

Yahoo Serious (1953 - ), originally known as Greg Pead (name-change by deed poll in 1980), is an Australian film actor and director. He is best known for his 1988 comedy, Young Einstein. He also created Reckless Kelly in 1993 and Mr. Accident in 2000. Serious writes, directs, produces, and stars in all his own movies.

In 1988, Yahoo Serious wrote, produced, and directed Young Einstein, an intentionally inaccurate movie portraying Albert Einstein as a young farmer in Tasmania who discovers rock music and surfing, romances Marie Curie, and derives the formula E=mc² while trying to discover a means of creating beer bubbles. The movie was an international hit, grossing over $100 million worldwide, and propelling Serious to stardom.

In August 2000, Yahoo Serious tried to sue the search engine Yahoo! for trademark infringement. The case was quickly thrown out because Serious could not prove that he sells products or services under the name "Yahoo," and therefore could not prove that he suffered harm or confusion due to the search engine.

Many more here: Link - via Miss Cellania

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Young Einstein wasn't bad, in fact I quite enjoyed it, had some great music in it too. Reckless Kelly was a waste of time. Mr Accident...the less said about that the better...
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Thank God for time: It has permitted many people to distance themselves from the memory or experiece that Was Yahoo Serious.

I never understood the phenomena behind this guy, he was an idiot and produced some of the worst movies I have ever seen.

In a small way I hope a bullet finds his heart tonight...
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Heh, wow, I hadn't thought about it in -ages- but this post reminds me of when Young Einstein first came out - my dad was so amused by Mr. Seriously's name that for a while there he'd just go around exclaiming 'Yahoo Seriously!' at random intervals ... thanks for the (odd, but fun) memory =)

And I also have to say, I can't believe that list includes a writeup about Screaming Lord Sutch but fails to mention that he was the founder of Britain's venerable Monster Raving Looney Party ... oh, if only -they- were running a candidate in the upcoming US presidential elections!
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