Wall of Bananas

Yep - those are real bananas (7,200 of them, to be exact) on a wall. It's an art installation by Stefan Sagmeister. Make Blog has more info and photos: Link

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Even though you thought this piece was nothing more than an empty stunt, it elicited responses from you that referenced poverty, homelessness, starvation, and global economic justice. Are you sure it didn’t “mean something to someone else”?
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I'm baffled by people who get riled up about artists wasting food when they use it in their art. Food is a commodity, like any other: the artist bought it with money, just like some other artist would buy paint, or stone, or studio time. So why don't people complain in the same way that money spent on paint, stone, or studio time could have been used to feed kids?

If you don't like the art, that's fine. But getting hung up on food that was "wasted" is a little peculiar.
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Please. It's not like if he hadn't have bought the bananas the nice fruit people would've given them to the starving African children.

I think it's damned cool looking, and I bet it's really awesome in person.
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I find it ironic, that all the goodie two shoe-ers feel free to yell at stupid artists for "wasting food" (and for such a tiny amount on a world-wide scale) yet fail to attack the source of the problem.

Why aren't all you "save the world from itself" types yelling at the people so stupid, that although they don't have enough food to feed themselves, continue to breed more and more mouths to feed?

Oh yeah, that's right. Having kids is a totally private and personal decision. Feeding them on the other hand seems to be everyone ELSE'S responsibility (especially the food artists of the world and the rich people who waste their money on AV systems).
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