The Aborigines Have a New Hobby: Camel Hunting

Aborigines in Australia found a new hobby to stave off boredom: they go camel hunting!

The camels were introduced in the 19th century from India to haul supplies for explorers, pioneers and prospectors. They became redundant with the advent of railways and motor cars and thousands were released into the wild.

However, they adapted to Australian conditions extraordinarily well and are now considered a pest. More than a million roam the Outback, mostly in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Biologists say the population is doubling every eight years.

They are seen as a growing threat to desert ecosystems and Outback cattle properties because they foul water holes and barge through wire fences.

The initiative was actually sanctioned by the police and was started to help young Aborigines have something constructive to do:

Like many isolated Aboriginal settlements, Kintore offers few jobs and almost no recreational opportunities. Boredom and frustration drive teenagers to crime, alcohol, cannabis use and petrol sniffing - a habit which can leave addicts wheelchair-bound or dead. [...]

"The young fellas are pretty good at tracking the camels," said Tom Holyoake, a white youth worker tasked with preventing substance abuse in the town of 300 people.

"When they find a camel they shoot it, butcher it, bring the meat back and share it with their families."


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@4 I think you mean “could you pass the camel mum?”

@1 You didn't mention cane toads.
Did you know that if you lick a cane toad it'll trip out your mind. Their poison is an hallucinogen and powerful enough to kill a croc if he eats too many.

Cane toads have even evolved in Australia into a harder species to kill. Pandas? Give`m 20 years and they will be eating tourists and bigger than a polar bear.

ps: @1 "Camel is delicious. as is Roo,Croc and Emu too"
Yeah croc is great, don't forget possum ( Oz pest in NZed!) yum.
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Want to save endangered species? Dump them in Australia and they´ll reach pest status in a matter of weeks.
Some entrerprising soul should import Pandas into Australia - a year from now I´ll have a Panda pelt hanging on my kitchen wall.
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