Urbana Money

According to a City of Urbana (IL) website, in 1933

When Illinois [closed] its  banks in the depths of the Great Depression,
the Urbana Association of Commerce [issued] "Urbana money," which [was] used
for a month and [kept] the local economy alive.

Apparently local merchants guaranteed that when the banks reopened, the "Urbana" money could be exchanged for the real thing.  My daughter learned about this in school. As she says, the money was orange and "looked like Monopoly money."

Image from DepressionScrip.com, a site chock-full of the wonderfully cheesy funny-money that kept many a community afloat during those dark days, with thanks to Jonathan for the research.

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FWI, many localities have their own currencies. They are obvious not recognized anywhere else, but they can be used in the area where businesses have agreed to accept them. Ithaca, NY is an example. They have what are called Ithaca Hours.

Link: http://www.ithacahours.org/
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Urbana: a blip in Illinois' ocean of cornfields with only Unofficial as any real local highlight.

Chicago: A place where you can actually do stuff and attend concerts.

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Hey, I know that place... I live there.

Interesting story that Urbana managed to keep the local economy going by it self. Hadn't heard of that before.
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