Pies Made By ... WHAAAAT!?

Yes, that's a real restaurant. The Thunderbird Restaurant is in East Zion, Utah. The founder, Jack Morrison, spelled home made as "ho-made" back before the word "ho" got its current meaning.

Found at our pal Dan Piraro's new blog (he knows all about pies!): BizarroBlog

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Hah! I've driven by that place more times than I can remember and never even noticed. Another one that had to be pointed out to me was the city Toquerville. If you spell it out phoenetically it might come out something like To-Queer-Ville, not to mention the other interpretation.
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Wait--does this mean they're made *BY* Ho's...or *FROM* Ho's?!

"Waiter, I'd like to order a slice of Sixth Street crack fiend a la mode, heavy on the cheap jewelry..." *ducks and runs*

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"Pies Made By ... WHAAAAT!?"

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