The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein

After his capture, Saddam Hussein was interrogated by an American he knew only as "Mr. George." More than a year later, FBI agent George Piro spoke to Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes about his time interrogating one of the worst dictators in history:

"I purposely put his back against the wall. And then mine against the door, psychologically to tell him that his back was against the wall in the interview room. And that I stood between him and the door, psychologically. Between him whether it's to go back to his cell, freedom, whatever he was projecting to be outside of that door. I was kind of that psychological barrier between him and the door," Piro recalls.

Just weeks after being pulled from a hole in the ground by U.S. Special Forces after a nine-month manhunt, Saddam Hussein was placed in the hands of George Piro.

Piro says he called the former dictator "Mr. Saddam," and that Hussein began to call the agent "Mr. George." "Over time though, in private, it changed to just Saddam and George," Piro remembers.

It's a fascinating glimpse into the mind of Saddam: Link

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OK Eugenio, I've read a lot of Churchill's work (History of the English Speaking People, The Second World War, &c.) as well as a number of books about him, and I don't recall that quote. Can you supply the source and also the context?
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This vaguely reminds me of Masaharu Homma. Vaguely and poorly.

It sounds like he was adapting a veil of ignorance during his interrogation since at the end he knew he would be executed and felt no regret.

That is truly the inner workings of a twisted man who in his own mind thinks he's done a very good job and led a full life.

(I'm sure some people will add to my last sentence "just like Bush" and I'll joke is so old and played out.)
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