Fascinating animation explaining HIV replication

Here is an excellent five minute animated video demonstrating how HIV infects cells and replicates, an amazingly complex process. The video also quickly demonstrates how anti-retroviral drugs impede the process. [YouTube]

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I've seen similar videos that illustrate the complex goings-on at the cellular level, and it's fascinating to behold. If I had these kinds of films to watch in 6th grade, I probably would have gotten more into chemistry/biology than I did.
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#2 As a 3D artist/animator myself, I, too, love the spacey soundtracks to these kinds of movies. But I think the type of music has more to do with simply adding an aural wash or background filler element that's energetic without being obtrusive or too distinct on top of (usually) dry narration. The plucking or pounding of standard instruments (guitar, piano, etc.) would draw too much attention to themselves and the melody, and anything too pulsing or rhythmic would turn it into a music video.

But I agree that many animation producers choose this style for its "futuristic" qualities also. It's also extremely easy to produce with cheap or free software, even with little or no musical talent. Otherwise they would just use classical, which has a more "old world" feel to it, no matter how new it is.
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"Fascinating animation explaining HIV replication"

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