Woman Calls 911 To Turn Herself In For Drunken Driving

A woman from Wisconsin was given a citation after she called 911 as she was driving home from a bar to report that she may be too drunk to drive.

The woman, Pat Dykstra, said she wasn't sure what would happen when she made the call."I don't really think I was thinking that much at the time," she said.

She gave such a good description that police found her at her home and gave her a Breathalyzer test that registered a blood alcohol level of .14, which is over the state's legal driving limit of .08 percent.

County Sheriff Todd Nehls said "Dykstra did the right thing. I think a judge will look at her and say, 'You know what? You stepped up to the plate. You did the right thing. I think it's commendable."

Story: knbc
Video: LiveLeak

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@vako - most small towns and rural areas don't have cabs. From the looks of the woman's house and garage, she lives on a farm or at the least a rural area.

I'm not defending her driving drunk, I'm just saying, don't assume everyone in the U.S. has access to cab service.
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HELL NO she didn't do the right thing, she still drove drunk. She should still go to jail, period. F**k this pat on the back business.
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she called...but she still drove home?
why didn't this other person just drive her?
I don't think she deserves any commendation! She stepped up to the glass, not the plate, and then stepped on the gas.
If she was really so worried, she wouldn't have driven, and it is totally fair for her to get, at very least, a ticket for drunk driving. I have no tolerance for crap like that and I don't think law enforcement should either.
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