The Explorers, Photo by Jennifer Zwick

We've featured one of Jennifer Zwick's photographs before (The Reader), but this one is too good to pass: The Explorers (2005), which celebrates the innate curiosity of every child to explore the world around, and in this case, beneath them.

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Sorry sloepoke, your args make no sense. You're comparing her to a designer baby clothing company and an artist who intentionally imitates others and calls it art. She miles from both of those things.

Because two artists create something similar in no way means that one is an imitation of the other. If you'd take a stroll down art history-lane you'd realize that. Your assumptions are that she is copying when you have no idea if she's copying or not, other than your superior intellect of course.

Have you bothered to read her artist statement? (Go on, run off and read it so you can respond with a witty come back).

Whether you like something or not has no bearing on its validity or worth -- it's simply your opinion, backed up only by off-hand and nonsensical references to other artists that you dislike. If you have a problem with Anne Geddes and Sherry Levine so much, write them a letter and let them know.

I happen to like this photo a lot, as well as a lot of her other work. The difference, of course, is that I understand that it's my *opinion* that it's good, and our opinions are nothing more than that. I don't like the work because I like similar pieces by other artists -- I like the photo in itself.
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Yes, there is room for both, but this woman is like the Anne Geddes of art photography, mostly rip offs, and not in a pomo sort of good way. She needs to see Sherry Levine's work and realize that she is just copying. perhaps she just wants to sell these things and make Bed and bath Ads, that's fine, but just so everyone knows, she falls into a context, and let's just call it art education.
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Meg. What you're saying is that its unfair to compare the two, but if one was (and you are), then one is better -- oh and by the way one has like a multi-million dollar budget, and you've got to cover half of the other with a sheet. Got it.
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Chris. In fact I do make art and am rather well versed in contemporary art. My main complaint is not the idea behind her photograph but the actualization of it. It's shoddy work compared with Crewdson's. If you put a sheet below the partition in the photograph Zwick's set looks absolutely amateur compared to a Crewdson. Ill give her some cred given the fact that Crewdson teaches at Yale, shows with Gagosian and has the digital restorers from Lord of the rings working for him.

By saying one is better than the other I agree that this can not really be appropriate words to describe the two pieces. The two are just in different leagues.
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