A little known fact about me: I can't grow a moustache let alone a beard to save my life (curse these Asian genes!) So LOLstache, a Flickr pool where you can upload your own typographical moustache and beard, is as close as I get to facial hairiness.

//That's me holding Ziggy. Please excuse the unruly hospital hair - this photo was taken without the benefit of prior showering. :) And yes, I'll upload this to the pool as soon as I can remember my darned Flickr login.

Link - via Ectoplasmosis

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@Ali S.: After listening to a LOT of men complaining about having to shave every few hours, I've come to terms with my unmanly inability to grow facial hair.

@Christophe: Actually, that reminded me of my first day in college. We all got these "care packages" with razor, shaving cream, and other goodies from college marketers. It was a small can of Gilette shaving cream - my first, actually. My roommate blew through his in about a week. Mine lasted the WHOLE year! Bwaahahahahahah!
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Hahahaha! Alex, you can't imagine the opposite of having genes which would make you grow hair exponentially like mine! :) I have to shave everyday and I'm not a morning person so I need my coffee or tea so I don't end up cutting myself up just to skip shaving for Uni and work.
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