Are They Shortchanging Our Toilet Papers?

Eighty-one-year-old retiree Leo Hill got a nagging feeling that every roll of TP he's used since mid-2006 didn't last as long as they used to.

So, having a lot of time on his hand, he decided to investigate: by counting every sheet of toilet paper in a roll!

Hill figured he had the time, since there wasn't much else to do but read or stare at the shower curtain. So he counted every sheet of toilet paper as he used it.

It wasn't for any other reason, he said, than to know if the number of sheets noted on the package matched what was on the roll.

totals on a flattened inner tube from an expended roll, Hill said he kept meticulous track. Each day he'd count the number of sheets he needed — he limited the experiment to his Lakewood home's basement bathroom because his wife won't go there — then added it to his previous day's tally.

By his count, the first roll was short by 15 sheets.

"You couldn't prove anything from one roll," Hill admits, "so I counted them all."

At the end of the month, Hill said his nine-roll average was 156.75 sheets for the rolls of Angel Soft that promised 198 on the package.

Link (Photo: Joe Amon/The Denver Post)

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I may not know about the length of the rolls, but Charmin definitely is making theirs NARROWER. I noticed the change last summer while at the store, where they had old and new stock together. The rolls are nearly a full centimeter narrower than before. Tons of companies have pulled the same stunt for years. Ever notice canned goods being fractions or whole ounces less than they used to be? Edy's ice cream (Dreyer's in Texas) isn't even a gallon anymore.
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for those of us who are not retired and have better things to do, this story is great proof of why you shouldn't buy expensive toilet paper. not only that, but expensive toilet paper isn't septic safe. then you can end up like the other old guy mentioned a while ago who spent his christmas sticking out of his own septic tank.
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