Periodic Table of Printmaking

AzureGrackle started a neat project where she invited printmakers to create artwork for each of the elements in the periodic table:

Ninety-six printmakers of all experience levels, have joined together to produce 118 prints in any medium; woodcut, linocut, monotype, etching, lithograph, silkscreen, or any combination. The end result is a periodic table of elements intended to promote both science and the arts.

Link | Interview by Etsy

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I agree, that the artist should have done their research first. But on the flipside of the coin, after teaching years of art appreciation, I am appalled of how little people really know about their origins and culture.
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While it's a fun idea and some of the artwork is very good, it really does show the difference between (the bulk of) artists and scientists.
Take, for example, the text that goes with caesium.

[caesium]...can be produced solely by nuclear reactions.

Not true, it's a naturally occuring element, though there's noticeable amounts of radioactive caesium in the environment that /has/ come from man made nuclear sources.

[caesium] strong enough to etch glass, flesh and bone.

No, its hydroxide is. is one of the most biologically hazardous components of radioactive waste and nuclear fallout,

No, it's not as readily absorbed as many other radiopollutants.

Really, I despair of the standard of scientific education that leads to someone being unable to glean even basic information about something without reading some sentences out of context and getting the wrong end of the stick.
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