Apple Flops

Wired celebrates the Macintosh’s 24th anniversary with a gallery of Apple's worst products. Remember the Newton and the Pippin? I don’t, either, but I’ve owned The Cube and the hockey puck mouse.

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the first snag in apples plan has been discovered. apparently, you will need to buy a new iPod first:

Apple's "Rented" Movies Can't Be Viewed on Most Video iPods
Apple has begun receiving numerous complaints that movies that were recently made available for rent on its iTunes store can not be viewed on iPods that were purchased before September 2007. Many complained that Apple posted no notice of the limitation when the movie rentals became available and that they did not learn of the restriction until after they had rented a movie. Apple did not immediately respond to the complaints.
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i work in software. i think its funny that they are starting to go the same way as the complaints that people have about microsoft. its not as big of news, but there are people that are reverting back to the previous OS from Leopard. hahah..

i am curious about how their itunes box is going to fair. it seems like they are now trying to catch up to tthe market that microsoft's media player already owns. i love my computer remote control. the itunes movie thing isnt really that new. all the major studios had previously set up for renting and purchasing downloads. the big up that movielink has over the itunes plan is that they do offer same day as dvd release of the download for new releases. nice.. itunes is gonna make you wait a month after dvd release .
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Finally! As someone who has grown very weary of all the jean-creaming over the iPhone and iPod (plus the Mac snobs who insist that OS is infallible), it's good to get a reminder that not everything Apple touches always turns to gold.
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