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Hugh Atkin edited this video which makes the theme of the US presidential election clear to everyone. Music by David Bowie. -via Sadly, No!

I have to say I'm with Jennifer on this one - they all say change, Ron Paul's the only one whose policies sound like they'll DO anything to bring it about. I did see him for about half a second in there, I think.

I'll be voting for him when my state comes around.
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Gotta love how everything turns into a vote for this person or vote for that person. I live in Iowa, so I guess I'm just sick of all the politicians. Great video though, I guess it's the season for change.
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Funny how Change is always the cry of the politicians, but when they get in, only the right-wingers actually seem to do anything - even the wrong things are something.

Hillary's hubbie had two terms already to make his changes - did he actually advance on the promises he made? I think he set the cause of women's rights back into the 50's.
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