The Philosophies of Margarine

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I learned something about margarine's history from wikipedia:

In the United States, the color bans, drafted by the butter lobby, began in the dairy states of New York and New Jersey. In several states, the legislature enacted laws to force margarine manufacturers to add pink colorings to make the product look unpalatable, but the Supreme Court struck down New Hampshire's law and overruled these measures. By the start of the 20th century eight out of ten Americans could not buy yellow margarine, and those that could had to pay a hefty tax on it. Bootleg colored margarine became common, and manufacturers began to supply food-coloring capsules so that the consumer could knead the yellow color into margarine before serving it.

Those darned butter lobby!
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my few cents: margarine is a combination of the glycerine (i.e. spirit) and fat (vegetable oil, it's rapeseed mostly), so actually this is a hydrogenated fat.
Note that glycerine is the side product of oil cracking.

Bon appetit.

PS: you won't find any cholesterol in the vegetable oil, just for a note
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"The Philosophies of Margarine"

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