Part Dinosaur, Part Crocodile

Palaeontologist Emily Rayfield of the University of Bristol used computer modelling to show that the dinosaur Baryonyx, which skull looked like it was part-crocodile, actually did eat like a modern day croc.

“The CT-data revealed that although Baryonyx and the gharial have independently evolved to feed in a similar manner, through quirks of their evolutionary history their skulls are shaped in a slightly different way in order to achieve the same function. This shows us that in some cases there is more than one evolutionary solution to the same problem.”

Just another example of convergent evolution [wiki], folks: Link (Photo: Dr. Rayfield holding a skull of a crocodile, photo by Natural History Museum)

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I've long supposed that Baronyx was an earlier form of Suchomimus and Spinosaurus, all of which were African, from the Cretaceous Period and sported crocodile-like heads, large heavy forelimbs and sail-like spinal fins. Oddly, I have yet to read any studies that suggest or refute a link between any of these three dinosaurs. Has anyone looked into this?
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