Indian Lawyer is Heir to French Crown

In the unlikely event that France decides to go back and be a monarchy again, the guy next in line to be king is ... an Indian lawyer named Balthazar de Bourbon:

A restoration of the monarchy in France is, of course, improbable. But so is the story of how a possible heir to the throne, a dauphin from the royal house of Bourbon, lives in relative obscurity here in this lakeside city in central India, where he practices law, putters around the family farm and nurses hopes that his lineage, if not his birthright, might one day be recognized by his glittering European relations.

"I am born an Indian," De Bourbon says. "But the fact of life is that I belong to the royal family of France."


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I hate to print this publicly, but my father always believed he had secured a deal from a penniless heir which made him the 19th Laird of [Scottish Island that I won't mention] through someone who sold him that title in the 1950s. My great grandfather was from that island, so it wasn't insane that he thought it could be done.

Needless to say the Scottish royal title, Laird, is meaningless akin to "landowner" and no Scottish/ British royal titles can be legally transfered by buying them, period. But there's no shortage of people SELLING them in the same way people sell star names and bridges.
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I can understand that the media are looking for a hype, but this isn't one. The claims of this "Indian Bourbon" are false from the start.
French King Henry IV had no nephews, and no Bourbon cousins from Navarre. The origins of John Philip, who is unknown to contemporary history, are confused, being variously attributed to the Bourbon-Busset family, an apparently illegitimate line of the Bourbons, and to Charles III, Duke of Bourbon, whose family tradition claims that he did not die in the siege of Rome in 1527, but instead fleeing to India and producing John Philip in a liason with a Mongol princess.
It has been claimed that it is impossible for the family to be legitimate descendants of the House of Bourbon, or to have any claim to the French throne. The character of John Philip does not appear in any official family tree of the Bourbon family, nor would any Bourbon cousin of Henry IV have a claim to the throne greater than that of Henry or his descent.

The real claimant to the French throne is and will be Prince Henri, Count of Paris, His Heirs and Successors.
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