Snow Falls in Baghdad!

Snow fell in Baghdad this morning for the first time in over 100 years.

"For the first time in my life I saw a snow-rain like this falling in Baghdad," said Mohammed Abdul-Hussein, a 63-year-old retiree from the New Baghdad area.
For a couple of hours anyway, a city where mortar shells routinely zoom across to the Green Zone became united as one big White Zone." (Photo: Shwan Mohammed)

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Well, what better place for opponents to the Global Warming scenario to do a double-take than to have a high profile place getting snow where it shouldn't?
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1. Any changes in climate due to people or not?
2. If people are a factor do we need to do something about it?

It's possible and recommended to discuss this stuff minus any irrational, idealogical, political, religious zealotry. Also, answers don't come from asses.
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They only started calling it "global climate change" when it became evident that the climate actually has high years and low years.

Those of us who grew up in the 1970s remember the "coming ice age scare" that was all preached to us. Global "warming" came immediately thereafter. Now "Climate change" is a safe way to cover all bases and look for government research welfare and a crippling of Western economies (the 3rd World is free to catch up though).

Obviously, the earth's climate is inherently dead nuts stable and any movement up or down is caused by man's influence. Right? Fools.
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Now it seems that the climate warming skeptics have, for the most part, agreed that humans are contributing to climate change.

They have shifted the debate to whether or not it matters whether humans have affected earth's climates. Something else, they argue, is even more responsible. Sunspots. Natural phenomena. For all we know, the hot breath of angry angels might be responsible.

In any event, there still, according to this argument, is absolutely no reason to change our behavior. Drive! Burn fossil fuels wildly! Tear off the tops of mountains, dump fertilizers and pesticides into the oceans!

Well, there will be change, whether they believe they can affect it or not.
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