Rude Callers Are Stressin' Out Indian Call Center Staff

Are you frustrated when you called a company and found out that you've been routed to an Indian call center?

Well, your frustration's nothing to what's afflicting those on the other end of the line: heart attacks, ulcers, and insomnia.

Researchers estimated that heart disease, strokes and diabetes would cost India more than £100 billion in lost productivity over the next 10 years.

Staff in call centres dealing with customers in Britain say they have been shocked at the ferocity of the verbal attacks they encounter.

Nidhi Aggarwal, 24, said she had never heard some of the insulting language used - including the word "Paki" as a term of abuse - before she began taking orders for a British catalogue company, which routes its customers' calls to a Bangalore call centre. [...]

Miss Aggarwal, an English graduate, said she planned to quit, tired of wishing customers a good morning only to hear: "Oh, I'm through to India am I? Put me through to someone who can understand English, you f****** cow."


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As a technical support representative here in the states I can understand some customer's frustration at having to hurdle both a technical knowledge gap in addition to a language barrier when calling support. The customer is already anxious about the problem they are confronting without the added issue of repeating what they say several times, or asking for clarification. I do believe that some companies are starting to understand this and are moving call centeres back to the States, or other areas where the English speakers are more fluent. What is somewhat sad is that from personal experience many of the Indian technicians actually are quite knowledgeable and helpful. I think that diction classes for these call center employees provided by the company would go a long way toward relieving the stress of both the customer and employee. There are many ways a company could do this. One would be to offer online access to such training through a site such as Rosetta Stone. Another would be to have a daily class for their employees as an ongoing training regimen. Of course it is highly unlikely that this will happen as the greed of those compnaies far outweigh their concern for either the customer or the employee.
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Rude Callers Are Stressin' Out Indian Call Center Staff

Boo-freakin-hoo. How about Indian Engineers are stressin out American workers? I can't tell you how many of my colleagues are worried about even HAVING a job over the next year. I work an 80-hour week typically. People I work with have to constantly pick up the pieces after receiving code written by Indian engineers, yet Mgmt still happily sends work over there (gotta get those stock options, boys!) Somebody said a bad word to you? Awww... Suck it up, Makhmoud. I've worked in Tech Support for five years and heard just about everything anyone could say. You can't deal with it? Too bad.
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I work in a call center in the Philippines. I think it's a very stressful job that requires a lot of patience when you're dealing with troubleshooting computer problems over the phone. A lot of the customers I talk with are americans and most of them are nice and are deceived that they are talking to an american because I don't have a filipino accent when I talked to them in english. But I do feel sorry for my fellow agents (filipino & indians) who get discriminated because of their accents. Our salaries are low and we work at nights. I hope you can be more patient with us when you get routed to a non-american call center because all we want to do is help you with your problems. It's not our fault US companies choose our countries for their customer support.
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I can see why people are upset over calling a local company and getting routed halfway around the world to speak with someone that has a thick accent or might not know exactly what your situation is, with it.

That's where the company you are choosing to shop from has decided to outsource their telephone jobs to. It sucks, but if you don't like it, either don't call the company or don't shop their.

On the other side of things, those Indians need to get a bit tougher. I've worked as a debt collector in the subprime (eg. bad credit) market and I had to deal with loads of jerks who would think it's clever to yell, scream, blow air horns, and generally treat me like a jerk. But there was never an incident of ANYONE I knew of getting upset or having a heart attack or getting an ulcer from the job. You just need to have a tougher hide than most for telephone work.
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