I authored an emotional, organic Neatorama post that got decimated back in the day (but post-9/11). Sweet!

Every year, Lake Superior State University publishes a list of overused words from the year before. I tried to see how many I could use in a sentence (the title of this post) but I didn't get too far.

I would add the words/phrases initiative, implement, end of the day and world-class.

Here's the full list, but for the reasoning behind each one, check out the official list.

- Perfect storm
- Webinar
- Waterboarding
- Organic
- Wordsmith/wordsmithing
- Post 9/11
- Give back
- Author/authored
- ‘Blank’ is the new ‘Blank’ or ‘X’ is the new ‘Y’
- Surge
- Black Friday
- Back in the day
- Decimate
- Random
- Sweet
- Emotional
- Pop
- It is what it is
- Under the bus

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Advertisers seriously need to stop it with the "all new".
That "all" is either not true (An "all new" car, really? So they didn't use any technology they've used on any previous car they made? They started from scratch?), or redundant (An "all new episode" of a TV show? What, as opposed to partially new?).

Also, "all wheel drive"... Now, how many wheels would that be - five?
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Inappropriate use of the word "decimate" has always annoyed me. I mean the word contains "DECI" for pete's sake, it means to reduce by 1/10th. The Doctor Who finale used it correctly this year and I cheered for the baddie, I was so excited.
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"Awesome" use only seems to have escalated now that it has completely crossed over into the soccer mom mainstream, but it's been overused for easily a decade. Baggy pants have finally buggered off, now it's awesome's turn.

"Take it to the next level" and "big time" are out of control, and "think again" is really starting to irk me - as in, "If you think the rainy season's over - think again!" It seems to passive-aggressively suggest that you're an ignorant boob.
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That's funny, 'cause dictionary.com says your definition is obsolete. First definition: to destroy a great number or proportion of.

Ain't language fluidity grand?
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"I authored an emotional, organic Neatorama post that got decimated back in the day (but post-9/11). Sweet!"

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