Virtual Reality Scientist: Gay Men Navigate in Similar Ways to Women

Researchers at the Queen Mary, University of London (where else?) used virtual reality scenarios to discover that gay men navigate in a similar ways to women:

Dr Rahman used virtual reality stimulations of two common tests of spatial learning and memory, designed by researchers at Yale University. In the Morris Water Maze test (MWM), participants found themselves in a virtual pool and had to escape as quickly as possible using spatial clues in the virtual room to find a hidden platform. In the Radial Arm Maze test (RAM), participants had to traverse eight ‘arms’ from a circular junction to find hidden rewards. Four of the arms contained a reward, four did not.

Dr Rahman and his research assistant, Johanna Koerting, found that during the MWM test gay men and straight women took longer to find the hidden platform than did straight men. However, both gay and straight men spent more of their “dwelling time” in the area where the hidden platform actually was, compared to straight and lesbian women.

Dr Rahman explains: “Not only did straight men get started on the MWM test more quickly than gay men and the two female groups, they also maintained that advantage throughout the test. This might mean that sexual orientation affects the speed at which you acquire spatial information, but not necessarily your eventual memory for that spatial information.

Link - via Fortean Times

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Vako, I don't think they're saying they're inferior, just that they're wired differently. I personally think it's a great example to prove GLBT are BORN that way and that it is NOT a choice.
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Anyone can conduct a study to create any results they want to, and they don't always use the Scientific Method. Whenever I see one of these studies about how the nervous systems, minds, and brains of homosexuals are inferior to the ever-so-superior straight alpha males, my bullsh*t detector goes off.
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Let go of your stereotypes, Heather. Gay men also play a lot of video games. And a lot of women do, too.

And both genders spend a lot of time in the "virtual world".

Just what was the point of this research again? Oh yeah, "cognitive remediation therapies..."
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