Mr. 9/11 - The Giuliani Anthem, a Political Parody

I happen to like Rudy Giuliani (over what he did as a mayor to revitalize New York's seedy Times Square and reduce crime rates), but I still get a kick from Andrew Arnold of Heada'State's political swiftboat attack, er ... parody cartoon.

Republicans, don't get your knickers in a twist ... next up is Hillary Clinton (if Andrew could manage the budget). Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks drew!

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Funny to read this about 3 weeks later after Giuliani's campaign came crashing to the ground like... those towers in NYC did about 7 years ago on... I can't remember the exact date, you can google it.
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Rudy brought New York back from the dead.
He was our greatest mayor ever.
And its greatest prosecutor.

Rudy has been a great leader, not only
during 911 when he lead the country,
but in every job he ever had.

Rudy would be a great president.
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Yeah, NYC got cleaner under Guiliani, but it's kind of a Singapore authoritarian style way of cleaning things up. He's not what one would call a liberty-minded Republican in any event.

Nonetheless, if you are a pro-gun control, pro-abortion, illegal alien amnesty, big government, low civil liberty kind of Republican, he may be your man.
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Speaking as a New Yorker, Giuliani sucks and I wouldn't wish him on an enemy. Though he has managed to take credit for lowering crime in NYC, crime statistics were falling here before he even took office. Surging national economy, anyone?

Still, Giuliani's NYPD were given license to run rough-shod over the citizenry. Remember Abner Louima and "Giuliani time?" How about Amadou Diallo and the infamous 41 bullets?

Here in NYC, the Giuliani years are not remembered fondly.
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