Morten Andersen paintings

Morten Andersen is a Danish artist. He paints large, vividly colored and extravagantly detailed abstracts that sometimes look like a mess of graffiti and at other times approach the sublime subtlety of a Turner.

I'd link to his paintings directly, but although he has made himself a nice site he makes the mistake so many artists do and utilizes pop-up windows and other gimmicks. (When will they ever learn...?)

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As crass as my post sounded, I hope I didn't come off like some raving artist-hate-mongerer. I just tend to get rather opinionated when art discussions come up here, and I honestly think the work is very poor (and I happen to adore Turner). But as we've both said, the beauty of it all is the subjective experience we can all draw. Poe-tay-toe, Poe-tah-toe.
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Matt: I did say "...approach the subtlety of a Turner.."
To me one of the fundamental appeals of abstract art is the way it allows the viewer to make their own interpretations. And good abstract art rewards the viewer with continual reinterpretation.
Andersen's paintings are busy, detailed, vivid and to me at least show a mastery of composition and color that you don't see in "horseshit hotel giclee-bound abstraction". I agree about the brushwork technique, but various paintings did evoke Turner to me in their dramatic use of color.
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My two cents? it's more horse$hit hotel giclee-bound abstraction. the mentioning of a Turner similarity actually has me a bit fuming. The color palette on some pieces might be similar, but the brush work and layering - the actual pushing of paint is quite different. grrrr.
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