What Is It? Game 49

W00t! It's time for this week's collaboration with What is it? Blog. For this game, the first of the year 2008 (and because I missed most of last month's), let's make this extra fun: Guess what this strange contraption is for and win a Free Neatorama T-Shirt!

Two ways to win: 1) the first correct guess and 2) the funniest/most creative (but wrong) guess!

Place your guess in the comment section. One guess per comment and please post no URL (let others play). You can submit as many guesses as you can think of. For more clues, check out What is it? Blog.

Good luck!

Update 1/4/08 - the answer is:

Phone booth key, it's one of the two keys used to get the money out of the phone.

Congratulations to AliBaba007, who got it right first, and to Carl from Santee, for the funniest/most creative (but wrong) guess:

It looks to me like a brass, face guard for a one-eyed, gladiator owl. It’s been flattened of course.

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I think ya'll have the scale wrong, each one of these is only a half inch across. This is one of many small bubble blower helicopters. a series of them are attached to a stick the size of a large emory board with the little part on the bottom being the attachment point (much like those tiny pieces for building model airplanes). You dunk the stick (with maybe a few dozen of these on it) into some bubble blowing solution and then you spin it really fast in your hand and all the little helicopters detach and fly outwards and the tiny hole makes bunches of microbubbles as the helicopters spin towards the ground. Fun for kids of all ages!
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Actually it is an object used by women to strenghten the muscles of their pelvic area.
They hold it tight between their lips with the little hook sticking outward.
Then they walk around while pressing their lips together so the object does not fall to the floor.
If the muscles grow stronger they hang increasing weights on the hook (like keys, or a towel, or anything they want)
As a man I can say: it's an object no woman should be without.
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