Website Compiles Carnival and Theme Park Rides Accidents

Don't visit RideAccidents if you love going on carnival and theme park rides! The website compiled a record of all types of injuries and fatalities from amusement rides around the world.

For example:

Woman, 60, in critical condition after fall from Ferris wheel
(Friday, September 28, 2007) - At the Middle Tennessee District Fair in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, a 60-year-old woman was seriously injured when she fell from the top of a Ferris wheel. The woman fell 30 feet from the top of the ride and landed onto spokes near the center axle of the wheel. Rescue workers removed her from the ride and rushed her to a hospital. Initially, she was listed in critical condition, however she is expected to recover from her injuries, which include a broken collar bone, ribs and leg.

Witnesses told investigators that the woman was standing up and waving inside the gondola when she fell.

The ride was shut down as a precaution, and inspectors were expected to investigate. (Photo: Mathew Star)

Who knew that having fun is dangerous to your health? Link - Thanks Brad!

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I disagree with you Alex. Using your reasoning, cars should be designed to save lives in every accident, yet look how many people die each year from taht cause. Here in the US, about 4-5 people die each year from ride caused injuries, out of several billion rides taken in amusement parks and carnivals. More peole die from falling in their bathtubs! Why don't bathtubs save every life? If you don't feel safe on rides, nobody is forcing you to go. Sit on the bench and wait.
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I disagree with you MoonCake: rides should be designed with proper restraints so you can't get out even if you're freaked out.

I don't think you can effectively predict who will "freak out" on an amusement park ride. I've seen some really macho guys totally lose it on a roller coaster.
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yea.. not to sound harsh, but she got what she had coming to her...

a few years ago, a mentally/physically handicapped boy fell to his death from a ride like 'drop-zone' (a ride that rises several hundred feet and drops about half the distance) in california. the ride had over-the-shoulder restraints, but he managed to get freaked out and wiggle himself out of the restraints and fall to his death. in response to this tragedy, parks around the country (i think maybe even around the world) closed their own 'drop zone' rides. it was stupid. here's my question: didn't he freak out when they were putting him in the seat before they even launched the ride? i would imagine that he would have at least made movements/sounds implying "don't put me on this f*cking ride!" i'm wondering how he got on the ride in the first place.
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