Ryan and Andrea of Rattle-n-Roll create baby announcements styled after rock-n-roll gig posters! They’ll make announcements to send out, and posters for your nursery or as keepsakes. Pick your template and colors, or they can custom-design yours. Link -via Grow-A-Brain

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Hey T,
Have you been eating Chinese lead paint chips again? As far as giving credit to the "original designers who thought of these designs", this blog is doing just that, I AM the designer who thought of these designs and they were all drawn by hand, by me, not the Photoshop kiosk at the carnival, thank you very much. As much as I would love to be the guy who can turn the other cheek, especially when the jabs come from one as obviously angry and alone as yourself (all that hate at 2:15 AM?!), I take offense to being called a plagierist, a copy cat and a rip off. I could go on and on as to how far out in left field you are, but this is not the place for that, SOOOO.... To make up for people having to read your rant, I like to offer anyone else out there who likes our brand of "sad", "not-original", "hypocrite" artwork at Rattle-N-Roll.com, a 10% discount on ANY purchase just for mentioning "T" from Neatorama. Thank YOU all for diggin' what we do,

Ryan Loyko
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I hate this sort of thing.

Talk about ripping on other people's designs and ideas! We complain enough about plagiarizing and all that, copy cats and rip offs, well, what would you call this?

They're like those stupid amusement park magazine cover shit that people put their faces on.

So sad, what the world has become. Nothing original anywhere, any more.

And the West has the audacity to point the finger at the Chinese for copying stuff? We're doing it ourselves over here, without giving credits nor payment to the original designers who thought of these designs! We're hypocrites! No wonder the Chinese don't give a damn what we say about copyright infringement.

We are so stoopid.
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