Most People Die Within 3 Months of Their Birthdays

Did you know that most people die within three months of the anniversary of their births? It may seem counterintuitive to you, but the mathematical explanation makes perfect sense:

Part of the answer depends on how strictly and specifically you wish to interpret the question. Counting three months (or ninety days) to the minute of a person's birthdate will of course give a relatively narrow window, though most people (including Browne) probably begin counting from the target person's month of birth. This allows for three months before the birth, the month of the birth, and three months after the birth, for seven out of twelve months. Since this range covers well over half the year (in fact, just under 60 percent of it), the chances are somewhat better than 50/50 that a given person will die within three months of his/her birthday ...

Link - via J-Walk

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Congratulations, you have just understood why you can never trust statistics!

Remember this next time you watch TV reports on what candidate you should vote for. Or when you read things on the internet.
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Oh my goodness, what idiot would be amazed that people have a 50% chance of dying within half the year?

Just goes to show you how ignorant and mathematically incompetent folk are today. No wonder so many con artists take up scamming people for a living -- there are a lot of fools out there...
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it's just like the car crash statistic... 'they' say that car accidents occur within a 5 mile radius of the home. considering the majority of people work and/or commute within a 5 mile radius of their home, the statistic comes to no surprise.
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