The Great Escape: How the Trouts Got Out!

Wildlife photographer Dennis Bright captured a photograph of trouts escaping their ponds through a metal feed pipe!

[Dennis photographed] the trout making giant leaps out of their pond into a metal feed pipe three feet above the water level.

They then fought against the current for 30ft to the end of the eight inch wide pipe, which emerges underwater in a tributary of the River Itchen near Alresford, Hants.

Apparently, the trouts thought the pipe was just another waterfall to jump:

David Bassett, of the British Trout Association, said: "They will be thinking that water falling from the pipe is a waterfall leading upstream. Then they will follow their natural life cycle to get upstream."

And Paul Knight, of the Salmon and Trout Association, added: "They will follow instinct. I don't think they would be looking up at the pipe and thinking, 'Come on lads, let's go for it.'"

Link, with larger pic (Photo: Dennis Bright)

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Newest 5 Comments dedication. Either on the part of the fish or someone "making this up." Why does someone always have to call fark? Why can't we just enjoy a remarkable thing?

I'm going to make an inspirational poster out of this and sell millions. T-shirts, too.
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They face up stream because thats the direction food comes in. As for swimming up stuff like this, trout do it too, but salmon are more famous for it. Besides I believe the two species are closely related anyways.
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Fish usually swim pointed upstream even when they are moving downstream, so my fish science friend tells me that this is most likely a picture of fish falling out of the pipe instead of jumping into it. Sorry.
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