RIP Dan Fogelberg

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Musical artist and composer Dan Fogelberg died this morning from prostate cancer. He was 56 years old.
Link to story. Link to website. -via Fark

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I've "known" this artist ever since I was young. He has many more "hits"- and they are always worth listening to and sung.

I've sung solos to his songs ( high school in Maine= woot! :)), and sung myself to sleep as a kid. I live in Maine- and it is a HUGE deal to us that he is gone- incredibly gifted voice- and Thank Miss Cellina for remember Dan Fogelberg- his songs will be remembered.

Heather in Maine
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This is truly sad to me. I had prostate cancer surgery earlier this year (still not fully recovered). I was even younger than Mr. Fogelberg, at 45 I was very young to suffer this. Mine was caught early. Caught early, it is very treatable; I urge men to get the simple blood test anytime after 40... whether the doctor thinks you need it or not.
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I had only recently renewed my affection for Dan's music. In fact, I bought one of his CDs late Saturday night, merely hours before his departure.

56? Tragic.

Thanks for sharing the news.
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I knew this song was important when I first heard it. Almost 30 years later it has a meaning that I could not have imagined. Immortality resides in the permanence of one's work.
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