Lost Season 4 is coming in February 2008!

Here's a mediocre trailer for the new season on YouTube. According to the Wikipedia article on Lost, it looks like there are at least eight finished episodes "in the can" for Season 4 out of sixteen episodes anticipated. The writers' strike may have an impact on when the second half of the series airs.

Also of note in the Wikipedia article, the following regarding future seasons/episodes:
"In May 2007 it was announced that Lost will continue for its fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons, concluding with the 117th produced episode in May 2010. These three final seasons will consist of 16 episodes each, running weekly in the spring uninterrupted by repeats."

I can't remember being as excited about a television series as I have been with Lost. If you haven't succumbed to its siren song, there's still time to catch up on DVD before Februrary!

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I saw that as well kruh, wonder whether it'll be a flashback to when Charlie was alive or whether he'll come back alive somehow which will be pretty unbelievable to write!
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I'm waiting for the one where Gilligan glues himself to the Skipper.

Lost is like X-Files - it will eventually get so overblown with its mysteries that only its die-hard audience will care.
2010 is a ways away - plenty of time to avoid actually getting to the bottom of anything.
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if you left the show I highly recommend watching the dvds and trying to pick it up again; the latter part of season two really picked up.

and they've reached an agreement with ABC to run for 6 seasons, no more, no less, so all the questions will be answered and they'll have to start doing more answering than asking soon.
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Okay, I'm a total dork, but I just slowed that trailer down and saw Charlie in a scene w/ Hurley, saw some new woman laying on the ground knocked out or dead and saw another woman with Kate's hair color laying face down with a knife in her back! I am such a loser, I know.
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