World's Worst Lover: German Men!

Over 10,000 women from 50 countries were polled to find out who are the world's worst lovers. The winner?

1. Germans (selfish in bed)
2. Swedes (too quick)
3. Dutch (too rough)
4. Americans (too dominant) - really? not "too fat?"
5. Welshmen (soppy)
6. Scots (too loud)


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well all i can say is that, not all men in every part of this world are good... some are also bad... and i have now a german bf and he is not selfish... he is also concern with what i feel and needs... he ask me first if i need...or i need more then he is willing to help me...(you know what i'm talking about) need not to elaborate! and in my point of view... my german bf is good in bed... and more exciting!!! well maybe it depends to the people you are dealing with what ever race he is!!!
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German men are the WORST. TRUST ME. They are selfish and all they think about is themselves. I am seeing one right now and he returns no compliments and acts as if the world revolves around him. He doesn't care how I feel whatsoever. They are horrible. It's true they are gorgeous but they think the world revolves around them. French-Italian are the best lovers in the whole wide world.
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Hi..I dont understand why all these racist remarks? There are nice people and bad people in every country. Judge by the individal..We have enough hate in the world..I've met bad and good American men and not all of them were fat. lol..I've also met good and bad German men..Not all of them are hot..I did meet a hot German guy, saw him off and on for 2 years and I think the sex would have been better if he was in love with me, but I'm kind of doubting he could love a American woman because of all the ridiculous stereotype spread around the world.. Why is a American woman a "slut" if she sleeps with a man shes not married to, but not a German woman? or Irish or whatever? Its these kind of statements that cause all the problems world wide..I know I cant change the world, but it does upset me to see and hear things like what is posted on here.. I kind of regretted looking at the site, but after reading it I had to say something..I was born in America but my family came here from "Switzerland" and to be honest Switzerland is one of the few countries where I have never met a bad man or heard bad things about. lol. Sorry if I've offended anyone with my words, but I think we all need to love, not hate..
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