Skarabej is an “online museum of old family photographs” from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, the Czech Republic, and Croatia. Many were found in anonymous collections at flea markets or in attics, although some are contributed.
Although we collect we are not collectors. We would like to create an archive of memmories of unknown people and events and make them available to everyone. No doubt, we are all going to be in forgotten, old family photographs.

The wedding photo above is from the Marenãiç family of Croatia. Link -via Metafilter

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It's not that the people were shorter 100 years ago....(I am 5'1" and am only 1/4 Yugo as my other 4ths are jewish; scottish-irish; polish. My Great-grandparents were both Yugo-slavic and it is..: it's not that they people of Yugo were shorter it's that they women were so so so tall!!! LOL! Seriously, My great-grandmother was 6'0", and so was my Great-grandfather. Look at me: I am only what I said above. So, it's not that people are getting taller. That theory in my situation is a line of crap.
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Very cool gallery of photos. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it odd that people posed for group photos at funerals? Some even included the dearly departed... Very strange to me.

I've been on a bit of a lost family history kick lately. That so many people are all but forgotten after one or two generations, even by their own descendants, is very sad. I recently found the gravesite of my great-great-grandfather, who was the first of my family to set out from the northeast back in the mid-1800's, homesteading a farm in NW Iowa. No one in my immediate family even knew his name, much less where he lived or was buried. Sad.
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"Skarabej" makes me want to know how to say/spell "scrabble" in croatian.

i re-read it tho and realize it probably sounds like "ska ra bay" but on first glance, skarabej looks like skrabbel.
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People were shorter on average 100 years ago. Experts attribute it to better nutrition, fewer childhood diseases, and longer education (instead of child labor). How much each factor contributed is still a matter of contention.
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