Golden Compass "Meet your Own Daemon" Test

There's a neat feature on the official Golden Compass website that allows you to answer a few questions and be paired with your very own "daemon," (pronounced dee-muhn)

According to the website:
In the magical world of the Golden Compass, every person has a life companion in the form of an animal called a "Daemon." A Daemon is a cross between the soul and a best friend. The animal form it takes is a manifestation of the host's true personality.

From the link, click Meet your Daemon to take the test. Be sure to post your results in the comments!

Link to the website

Wiki page about the movie

My Daemon is Thalius, a mouse. Be sure to check out the feature (if you're a myspacer) where your friends can answer questions and further define your results!
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This will probably gain a huge following. It's too bad it's based on being anti-religion and anti-God, although these themes are suppressed for the movie.
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"It’s too bad it’s based on being anti-religion and anti-God, although these themes are suppressed for the movie."
What's wrong with anti-religion or anti-"God"?
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Diodium, a Gibbon (monkey thing)

I've read the book, and I didn't think it was anti-religious. You have to remember it's a fiction book.

Then again, I was young when I read it, so I may have been oblivious to it.
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i got a peacock =D

the antigod thing, it doesnt clearly state that it supports that. its just a story, just like when harrypotter was about to become a movie many churces band it. look at it now, everyone even in chruches watches it, cuz its just a story.
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Aleone, a fcking gibbon. Bleh. She better be a cool gibbon or I'm not giving her her monkey kibble.

Anyone know the origin of the names here or are they just auto generated?
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I got the Spider Daemon which is funny because i absolutely hate spiders!! But now that i think of it, my personality is very much like the description of the spider! Alvin was his name.
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Mine's a hare daemon called Euthalia.
well, it gets weirder, since when i'm in school i got a hound daemon called Haythiria.
not sure which one fits me though...
anyone got any ideas?
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No it really is very anti religion, of course it's been made toothless and inoffensive for the american market, and been renamed too.

What is it with the US that everything has to be renamed?

Like The Madness of George III had to be the madness of king george otherwise Americans would think it was a sequel.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone to Harry Potter and the Wizards Stone.

Wizard;s stone means nothing.
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@Pol x-
I think you are dead on! The problem is that most Americans are *extremely* culturally illiterate (to borrow the phraseology of E.D. Hirsch). Yes, we know a good bit about Paris and Nicole, but topics really pertinent to the nation's founding and the roots of Western civilization draw complete blanks.

I shook my head when I read about the George III film being renamed. Perhaps knowing the complete genealogy of the Hanover kings is a bit much to ask for, but George III was the monarch in Britain at the time of the American Revolution! People should know who he was! It to HIM that the list of grievances in the Declaration of Independence are directed. We ought to know who he was and a little about his recurring lunacy.

The "Philosopher's Stone" was another great example -- in this case the movie reflected the dumbed-down title of the U.S. version of the book. "Philosopher's Stone" is a real reference to a reputed stone (or substance) capable of turning base (i.e. cheap) metal into gold or providing eternal youth (as in the Potter book). The search for it was *fundamental* to history of alchemy. That's something we (hopefully) scoff at now, but for hundreds of years, some of the most brilliant minds out there (including Roger Bacon, Tycho Brahe, and even Isaac Newton) devoted a lot of their research effort toward it. Calling it that in the title and throughout the book MADE SENSE. Changing it to "Sorcerer's Stone" was stupid. I read the U.S. version of the book and regretted not getting the UK edition. There are a lot of places in the book where the US publisher monkeyed with the wording for the ignorant U.S. audience. For anyone accustomed to reading British authors, a lot of the tampered passages were quite evident -- they really detracted from the work. I have heard that in the following books, they were a little less heavy-handed with the changes (perhaps Rowling had the power to reign them in at that point). I haven't read those yet, but I should hope so. Just the same, I think I'll probably get the UK editions.

What is the harm of letting our children (and adults) learn a little of the history and culture of the world of the past and the world beyond our borders? Unfortunatelty, the government school system here teaches to the lowest common denominator. Better that all the kids should pass some very low standard, than the best among them to really excel.
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I got Gabriel a male Lion. He's quite cute...has a nice strut! He's moved into my office already and I think he ate my truffles. He has to stay away from my chocolate!
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Ariel, an osprey.

And the His Dark Materials series is neither anti-God nor anti-religion. It's anti-FAKE-God and anti-political-bureaucracy-posing-as-religion. If you don't know the difference, your daemon might be Oblivia, the sheep.
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Lutheus, a male sparrow. "Assertive, shy, fickle, spontaneous, sociable." Odd combo.
I don't see that there is anything wrong with the story being anti-religious, if it is that. It's just a different viewpoint, yes? Besides, the plethora of religious-themed movies/literature could use the company.
Did anybody else have issues with the quiz though? I found it to be very clunky.
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inachus, lion.

gadfly22, THANK YOU!!!!! you are absolutely correct and it astonishes me that people don't see the difference. and that people judge the books so harshly without bothering to pick them up.
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Dan, it's not anti-religion or anti-god, if you'd read the book you'd know that it's really just a different religion or god. A different worldview than the judeo-xtian one that infuses western civilisation and, because of its horrific history causes so much hatred and death.
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Bob, the dinosaur daemon. He pulls a nasty tele-wedgie.

the antigod thing, it doesnt clearly state that it supports that. its just a story, just like when harrypotter was about to become a movie many churches banned it. look at it now, everyone even in churches watches it, cuz its just a story.

From what I understand, the problem with The Golden Compass has less to do with the story than with the author, who is adamantly anti-anything-to-do-with-God. His stated goal with the books is "to undermine the basis of Christian belief."

Good luck with that. It's like a chipmunk scratching away at solid granite. 2,000 years and counting; Jesus and his Good News cannot be stopped.
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Gadfly22 is absolutly correct.

I did a paper on Philip last year for my contemporary english class. One of the themes of the story is to show how corrupt organized religion is along with the idea that only goodness can exist if there is a God. But, that's what he *says* he meant to do. We can only imagine what the underlying agenda was.

Anyway, does that take away from the fact that this was an excellent book series (that will probably be brutally toned down and made "PC" by the movie industry)? It's already had a huge following as a book, which is why they're making it into a movie. It contains the same themes as Paradise Lost, which is also a very good book. I don't see an issue with an "Anti-God" book. It's just a story, like the Bible.
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I got Aerodon, a male Chimpanzee.

Because i'm "modest, solitary, outgoing, spontaneously and responsible" I knew I was going to be a monkey.

only 17,766 chimpanzees out of 569,636!
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Americans aren't necessarily culturally stupid, but media treats us as such. it's sort of a vicious cycle... if they'd give us things in their original form, we wouldn't grow.

A few vocal (generally 'religious' fanatic) annoying people scare companies into 'softening up' their products. I severly annoys the rest of us, to be condecended to like this.
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Pelloneus, lion daemon.

It's funny because when I read the books I told a friend that I thought my daemon would be a cat, just didn't know it'd be such a big cat :-P
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Anthora, the snow Leopard. Dang, I wanted to have a goldfish.

OK. So I'm a snow leopard Like 8.2% of the people that tried this thing. I deduce that there is 12 deamon (1/12 = 8.33%). Math over, class done.

fenceboi : LOL.
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I got a male Raccoon Daemon named Thaleron...

I've gotten a Tiger as well, but I think I like the Raccoon more because the Tiger is kind of over-rated...

I do love the name Callum, but I'm sticking with Thaleron, I think...
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i got a gibbon too.. haha looks a lot like ms coulters daemon. oh well the personality is pretty cool: im proud AND humble.

oh and stop attacking dan. hes just saying that its too bad its seen as anti-religious because that means a lot of people are going to miss out on a great movie just because it contradicts their beliefs.
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The movie was awesome,amazing visuals, although the story in the book is much more dynamic and comprehensive in thought. The website and choosing your daemon is a great way for people to think about who they are as human beings with the kind of character traits they value and believe they should have. I must still be a child because I have been everything from a bee to a red fox. I like the interesting names that come with your daemon.
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I got Cleon, a male jackal -

Responsible, modest, outgoing, passionate, and sociable.

He's adorable!
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The first time I took this quiz, I got a raven. I've taken the quiz so many times with so many results, I decided to go with what I felt. I also think that the questions are way too open and vague. Twenty questions to figure out your entire personality, not possible. I thought about it the entire time I read His Dark Materials and I discovered my daemon.

He is a river otter, I'm still trying to learn his name. At the moment, it's Pandion, though it may possibly change. I think finding out the name is the hardest part. We swim together and compete with other swimmers. When I'm hiking, he rides in my backpack. And the best is in the evenings when I'm reading, he'll either curl up in my lap or drap himself about my shoulders, he cuddles and nuzzles me. He is a darling.
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