Man Banned From Breaking Wind in a Club

A social club in Devon UK, has banned a 77-year-old man from breaking wind while indoors.

Maurice Fox received a letter from Kirkham Street Sports and Social Club in Paignton asking him to consider his actions, which "disgusted" members.

Mr Fox, a club regular for 20 years, said: "I am happy to oblige them, there is no problem. I do get a bit windy - I am an old fart now."

He said he had to leave the club about three times a night and added "I think someone has complained about the noise. I am a loud farter, but there is no smell."

Source: BBC News

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I've heard this one before:

A man goes to a doctor and complains "I am farting copiously. They don't smell but they're really loud." "See?"

The doctor writes him a prescription and tells him to make an appointment two weeks hence. He came in two weeks later and said "Those pills didn't help at all! I'm still farting and now they absolutely reek!" The doctor replied, "Now that I've got your nose sorted out let's get to work on that flatulence."
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Well, at least the old fart has a sense of humor about the situation. He seemed to be handling it quite well. It seems to me that if he was a member for 20 years that a verbal warning or stern talking-to would have been sufficient for the old chap. Foin. Sounds to me like some person at that "social club" (what other kind of club is there?) Is on some sort of authority trip.
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