Dinosaur "Mummy"

Scientists have announced the discovery of a dinosaur “mummy”, a dried hadrosaur with much of its skin, tissue, and bones intact. The find was made in 1999 in North Dakota. The presence of tendons and ligaments give researchers new insight to how dinosaurs moved. Although the hadrosaur was 35 feet long and weighed 35 tons, they estimate he could run up to 28 miles per hour, faster than a T. rex! Link to story. Link to video report.

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You'd think that upon finding a dinosaur with skin and tissue 'preserved', you would question whether it could possibly be 67,000,000 years old. It makes me wonder... if I brought them a living, breathing dinosaur, would they be astonished that this creature could have lived to be 67,000,000 years old. Or would maybe one of them have the sense to say, "hey, maybe it's just not that old."
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I would think a "mummy" was impossible. When they call it this, it casts doubts on the scientific community's ability to properly analyse such things. That feeds the ignorance of the flat-earthers.
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This is an exceptionally crappy article from National Geo--the dinosaur wasn't "dried", it's been completely mineralized just like most fossils. Only in this case the tissue itself is allegedly fossilized as well as the bone.

If they had any respectability left they'd at least try to clear that up while peppering the story with loaded words like "mummy" and "preserved".
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